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Welcome to Blue Sky Online (MS) Pvt. Limited, Yes you have come to the right place. We have a number of elements and offer a variety of cost effective services that will certainly make your mailing campaigns successful and get results for you.


The promoter of Blue Sky Online  (MS) Pvt. Limited  is Shri Om Prakash Joshi, a well-known businessman who has set high ethical  standards for himself and having a track record of  always being  committed to  meeting  fundamental  obligation  to  customers, associates and staff.

About the Company

Blue Sky Online Mailing Solution Pvt. Limited,  is one  of the upcoming Intra-City Courier Companies owes its genesis to the  well known & great group of MLJ companies owned by Shri Om Prakash Joshi who is heading many leading organizations of the country. The company by the name MLJ Agro Pvt. Limited, the second largest in the country (next to Reliance) is primarily engaged in the business of Ellovera Gel and its plantation is spread over 2800 acres of land in Phalodi town of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan. The huge area of land comprises nearly 1, 50,000 Ellovera producing trees which is expected to multiply to one crore in the near future. The project is backed by an eligible amount of subsidy by the Government  of  India  which  helps  protect  the  interests  of agricultural  and  industrial consumers  by  way  of  subsidized  tariff. Besides this the land is also used for the   cultivation of teak wood- the world’s most valuable timber. The plantation having over 15 lakh  teak  wood  trees  and looked  after  by over  500  skilled  workers  produces  high   volumes   of  teak  wood.  The company   expects plantation to yield high returns   of approximately Rs.15, 0000 crores at the time to maturity.

Besides this the group is actively involved in International Cargo Services. The company having association with Blue Sky Travels & Cargo with its main office at Dubai and branch offices in Nepal, Pakistan, USA & UK, provides Air Cargo Services all across the world.    

With demand for electrical power to grow in the coming times, the company is starting MLJ Power Wind Project for which land use agreement negotiations have already begun. To be located at Phalodi town of Jodhpur District in Rajasthan, the plant will be a source of clear power having a capacity to generate power of about 20 Megawatts per hour.    

The other companies of the group include MLJ Food Pvt. Limited, MLJ Herbal Agro Limited, MLJ Farming Pvt. Limited, and Marwar Chemicals Pvt Limited. It is entirely due to the hard work and dedications of the staff the group began its headway and the group now has a rich resource of motivated and skilled workforce.  

Blue Sky On Line (MS) Pvt. Limited is a trusted name for Mass mailing to contact your customers or keep the potential customers informed.


The mission behind floating a new company by Shri Om Prakash Joshi, CMD, in the already saturated market is to serve the interests of common man by strengthening the document delivery system in India. Our goal is to reach common man and provide services that allow the maximum advantage to the masses. He feels hopeful that with the great managerial team he has formed from top to bottom, it will be possible to eliminate delivery failures and pitfalls that sap profitability of the Organizations using Bulk Mailing Systems to contact their customers.

He is of the view that the users be provided with the service in a manner that is ethical and conforms to business norms. It is obligatory on the part of Service Provider to ensure and monitor that services are performed in such a manner that don’t violate terms of contract and users are never put in trouble . He wants the whole process in a new way and is of the opinion that one needs to look the importance of timely deliveries through the eyes of users which will throw light on its whys and what’s. If a provider in its effort to keep faith of users fails by not making timely deliveries, the users have to suffer a damage in amount like late fee, penalty etc. which constrains them to opt for some other alternate service provider in the market. And this ultimately is relevant to the organization’s success as it starts loosing customer base due to service failure on the part of Provider.

The objective of company is to provide a complete Bulk Mailing Solution through broad range of intra-city courier services on reasonable rates while maintaining high levels of service second to none, to the customers. Our emphasis will always be on building long-term relationships with our clientele and we shall strive for it tirelessly to delivering superior performance.

An Objective we always strive for and maintain is our focus to staying in the frontline of the marketplace by targeting various Foreign & Private Banks, Financial Institutions MNCs, News Paper Organizations, Event Management companies, Insurance companies & Telecom companies etc. through quality performance and superior customer service.

We shall strive for our fundamentals values –Working with Honesty and treating customers fairly


Become the most efficient, a leading and well-known Intra-City Courier company exactly reputed for corporate branding & quality management by way of recognition. Through the introduction of new innovative methods, offer and serve the clientele of all-Metro cities by fulfilling their Bulk Mailing needs. Maintaining an unequalled service excellence by building a customer oriented culture through continuous improvement and stand out as a company committed to timely & speedy deliveries, quality and professionalism


We appreciate our clients' concern and entrusting us the consignments will certainly award them with peace of mind. The company having its main office at Shahdara measuring approximately 4000 sq. feet follows the procedures that ensure the highest class of safety and security of each consignment. The company is well equipped with the latest technology like Computers, Scanners Printers, Fax backed by UPS. A dedicated team of professionals comprising System Manager, Hardware Engineers and Data Entry Operators manages this.

The company employs a professionally managed very strong field force with well-established and well-integrated Branch offices across Delhi & NCR. We have a team of highly experienced professional, field boys and a fleet of vehicles for speedy and prompt delivery in each and every pin code area of Delhi & NCR. In the coming months we have plans to open more new Hubs to catering to the needs of our customers.

All our Delivery points are linked with one another via On Line Tracking software package that allows real time communication for exchanging Delivery status, Undelivered report and other Internal data/MIS reports.

The company employs a customer service cell catering to the queries of our esteemed customers apart from dispatch/sorting and routing platform that is manned by very experienced staff for rapid deliveries of our ever-changing customer needs.

Since we belong to a great group of companies we have the people & resources to meet every customer's needs in a cost effective manner. We understand the markets, the unique needs & expectations of the customers we serve and always endeavour to exceed customers’ expectations.

Quality Assurance 


We shall strive to provide service excellence to customers who confide in us, as we are the company always dedicated to putting our customers first. With the help of latest technology we shall provide Online tracking facility to our customers which will help them know the exact status of their consignment at any given point of time. This is how we at Blue Sky Online Mailing Solution Pvt. Limited shall be able to setting superior standards for quality assurance with the very latest in computerized technology. Through our Online Tracking software we are always in touch with our customers as it dedicatedly works round the clock all 365x7 days. It is also our practice to send the MIS reports to our esteemed clients regularly.


We make every effort to deliver the urgent mail the following business day.

Depending upon the requirement our clients, we offer totally effective mailing solutions. We are a company that can fulfill the needs of virtually any customer. We can handle any volume and any number of packets of your Bulk Mailing needs and the cost of the same will be very less than you presume. We offer the following cost-effective mailing solutions that will fetch you result:

a) Sorting & Mailing
b) Address/Label Printing
c) Packing
d) On Line Tracking

Anyone looking for Bulk Mailing fulfillment and determined to getting results will definitely come to us.


With the abundance of expertise in the trade we focus on providing help to our valued customers by offering very economical & competitive rates thereby bringing down their operating costs considerably.

Good beginning is always being sweet and satisfactory. It is our pleasure to inform u that our new upcoming intracity courier company has started gaining its place in courier industry. We assure u that within a sort span of time we will compete with big named couriers in Del – NCR, and all Metro cities and to acquire this status we ought to need your services as our esteemed clients. We are pleased to submit the details of our services which are given as under.

Express Mail:  This service is offered for envelopes/mails & small parcels, which are required to be delivered on the very next business day. Any point of time during the day & they are delivered on the next working day.

Express- Time Bound Mail:  This service is provided, when there is time sensitive envelope/packet to be delivered, before or after a particular time. Such packets are booked any time during the day with an instruction to deliver it on the next working day.

Urgent Mail: These are the documents which need to be delivered immediately. These packets are booked at any time of the day and are to be delivered within 3-4 hours anywhere in Del-Ncr on the same day.

Bulk Mail: This service is specially being given to those clients who are sending quite a large nos. of mails/ envelopes at pre-set intervals, every month & allow us certain nos of days for deliveries.


Our Clientele list includes

1.     HDFC Bank

2.     MTNL

3.     GATI Magazine

4.     LOG INDIA Magazine

5.     Cholamandalam DBS

6.     Eledco

7.     Academy of Security Science Education & Trg Pvt Ltd

8.     India Infrastructure Publication

9.     BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

10.    AIG (Mumbai )

11.    CITI Bank

12.    SAM Jewelers (DELHI)


14.    AirTel (DELHI)


For intracity (Delhi - NCR) we use bar coded sticker on each and every packet. Delivery Run Sheet is used to get consignee’s signature, name, and telephone no, time, date. For metros our consignment slip is also bar coded by which each and every consignment is tracked by computer, as such it will be our easiest job to trace and identify any consignment in the network through our customer cell, which works round the clock to serve our valuable customers. Also consignee can trace his document/parcel by putting his docket no in the system.

We will be in a position to give you the status of your consignment at any point of time, as we track all the consignment through inter-linked computer systems, as all out bound consignment slips are bar coded. Our R & D dept. is continuously in the process of upgrading and modernizing our tracking system to give better service to our clients.

Our web site is

Blue Sky On Line (MS) Pvt. Ltd. will clearly have an advantage over its competition in the courier industry by being the first to introduce this working model and edge over the neighborhood market because of;

1.    Direct delivery arrangement

2.    Barcoded / single POD consignment tracking

3.    Round the clock customer support cell

4.    Extended working hours

5.    Best of locations

6.    Wide base of existing customers belonging to the target market

7.    A convenient location, either, close to home or on route

8.    Pioneer delivery end-to-end tracking

9.    Good paymaster to our staff & franchisees or our contractors.
Real value for the money spent


PODs are our basic tool, which we collect physically from all our branches and feed the same in our systems every night by which pending deliveries are identified and actions taken for immediate delivery nos.
Document will be kept pending by our branches more than 24 hours, by this systems.

Our Products:

1. Delhi Local Deliveries.

2. End – End Solutions.

3. Mail Room Operations.

4. Parcel Deliveries to selected destinations by our own Slur’s.

5. All type of CARD deliveries.

6. Any Gifts / Valuable Deliveries to my hubs

7. Mass Mailings.

8. Pick-ups are being done within Delhi-Ncr and brought to our main hub for further deliveries.


End to End Solutions:

Blue Sky On Line(ms) clearly have an advantage over others in giving End to End Solutions with proper IT-Support to a maximum extent.

1.     Picking up the load from the client.

2.     Do Stuffing and Pasting the address labels.

3.     Downloading the data (excel format) sent by clients.

4.     Processing the data.

5.     Generate the Air Way Bill (only for Metros)

6.     Matching the Airway Bill with the consignments.

7.     Send the Pickup up Report to the client.

8.     Dispatching the consignments for delivery.

9.     Collecting the Drs / POD’s and RTO’s from hubs.

10.    Punching it in the system and Tally with the incoming data.

11.    Sending MIS Reports to the client.

If anything more is required also can be done.

Customer Care:

Our customer care works round the clock and we have our own target to close any Complaint given by our customer, with in 4/5hrs.

We are looking forward to your support on business Expansion.

As a first phase we decided to operate only in Delhi with a network of 39 franchisees, 8 hubs/self –offices, 35own staffs in addition to contract staffs covering 98 pin codes.

All our hubs / self-offices are fully mechanized. All the documents are compulsorily scanned as inbound / out bound and after the delivery; the delivery information / RTO information are uploaded to the web site, and also mailed to our esteemed clients.

With the present infrastructure we can be able to deliver 30000 to 40000 packets a day. In the coming months (with in six months) we will be able to deliver almost 100000 pkts per day by improvising our system with the latest technology in courier sphere.

As our team has wide experience in securitized documents like Cheque Books/Cards and other sensitive deliveries, we know the SOP’s.


All Pin Codes of Delhi – New Delhi & NCR
From Pin code - 110001 to 110098

We have a strong team of 20 owned delivery staffs (direct), 39 franchisees and around 30 contract staffs in addition to professionally trained departmental heads, managers and executives with the help of them we will be able to cater to our clients without any flaws.

The packets are given at one attempt, & incase the house is found locked then the branches are instructed to insert the envelopes/ packets beneath the door of the consignee as per clients instructions. This service is given to Banks, Publishing houses, Deptmtl stores, & other corporate to send invitations/ letters/cards/bank a/c statements etc.

Parcel Deliveries: Under this category non documents weighing above 500 gms are delivered as per the services opted by the clients.

Feed Back for Deliveries: We are providing 100% of delivery details for the documents booked under any of the service categories provided by us. The hard copies , where the consignee actually marking the signatures, are kept in our records for the next three months from the date of booking and can be faxed / sent thru e-mail to our esteemed clients when ever clients need the hard copy for his query. The delivery details can be downloaded from our website i.e. www.blueskyms.in Email: mail@blueskyms.in by simply putting docket no…… issued by us.

In order to discuss & design the desired operation plan, we look forward for a meeting at your convenience please.

Thanking you and assuring for our best services always.

Blue Sky On Line (MS) Pvt Ltd